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It really is annoying seeing (Tier)(Team) (Filler) in every RMT. Pokemaster, the minimum character limit is stupid, tbh. No one is just going to put a dot or something, and saying "New OU Team" is enough.

Also in comments, move it down to 3. What if someone is asking a yes or no Q? Why can't I just respond with "No." or "Yes."

It is annoying a lot of users, I suggest it leaves.

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True dat
I remember back when the min for the chat was 5 XD You could not say Yes. No. Hi. Pie. etc.
Oh god, that was horrible. Everyone would say "Hi..."

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I reduced the characters on RMT and Meta to 10, should be plenty. I'm not gonna reduce it on Pokebase though, if you need "filler" then you haven't asked the question properly.

As for comments, you can just say "yes that's right" or something. The minimum is only 6. It's to prevent pointless inane comments like "lol".

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then comes lol!!!!!!!!!
I always hide crap like that whenever I see it ;)
ikr i know right