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So I was reading this, and Pokemaster said
>For starters you can not put so many images in there, that will give you an extra 1500-ish characters.

Well in the RMT there were only 7 images total, (In the comment section, read JCM's comment. He said there were only 6 images + 1 GIF so I know the RMT now has been edited, ignore that) so if my math is correct one image is 800 characters? Pretty sure that's not it and I would like to know how much exact because a lot of my own RMT's have sprites on them and then they exceed the character limit...

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Isn't it just how many characters the URL takes up?
... I dun know  :\ Still shouldn't take over 1000 characters though, the sprites URL is only like 30.
Um, can't you count? I count 19 images in total. One big image at the top, then 3 images for each Pokemon.
Yeah before he edited. However I might be a wrong because I didn't realize that you might have answered after he edited Dx
EDIT: I can't read the edit history :-: I thought there were less sprites

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The length of the URL + 5 + (the length of the number of the image x 2) + 3

For example:

That's my gravatar.


That's the coding behind the image.

![][] = 5
[]: = 3
URL: 69
length of number: 1

5 + 3 + 69 + 2 = 79



![][] = 5
[]: = 3
Length of URL: 41
Length of number: 1

5 + 3 + 41 + 2 = 51

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That still shouldn't mean 7 pics = 1500 right? Also how much for a regular sprite (animated?) Sorry for the extra questions :c
It depends on the URL, man.
Animated sprites still depends on URL.
Dx oright nvm then :>