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I believe that side games ( conquest, mystery dungeon and ranger) should have their own section with separate points because some people are better at answering questions on side games and others on regular games. Like I know a ton about conquest but not as much as in leafgreen.

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some people are better at answering questions on side games

I don't understand your reason. If people are better at answering certain questions, they can carry on answering those questions. There is no need for a separate section.

The RMT was moved to a separate section partly because there were a lot of them in the question lists, but also partly because they are a different format of question, like Meta is.

By the way, if you 'favorite' some tags, questions on those tags should appear in your updates page: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/updates

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There aren't enough questions that flow from the side games on a regular basis to really have a successful section out of them. And most of the time points come from just using reasoning and making logical answers. I could probably answer most of the Conquest / Mystery Dungeon games by using google and youtube.

In short, if there was an over abundance ( like there was with RMTs ) then making a new section would be possible, but still not likely. But with the current amount, it's not really clogging anything up, so it's safe to say they're fine where they're at in the pokebase.

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