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Have a 'spoiler' thing added to the markdown thing?

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I dunno - for those who want to hide a part of their question/answer in case there's a spoiler alert. Just a little markdown thing you can add. :3

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OR you could put at the top of your answe/question "SPOILER ALERT" in big bold letters, instead of having PM waste his time on coding a button...
There's this neat thing called a tag. With it you can add the word "spoiler" and people will know that there is a spoiler .
Ninja, do people even read tags? Besides, when I look at a question or answer i normally read it before I (if I even do) look at the tags.
I'm not sure about everyone, but almost all senior and semi-senior users read the tags (I do on Meta all the time, I like abusing my Meta re-tagging powers when I can :D). But, putting spoiler in the title is much easier than creating something on Markdown.
I just meant if there's, maybe, a word or two in the question that could spoil a game, but the question is still answerable without spoiling the spoiler.
But okay, tags and stuff can work.

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