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This has been brought up a few times before, now I'm looking at actually doing it and would like to know what everyone thinks.

The new section would be for RMTs (rate my team) where people would ask for team suggestions. I'm thinking it might also be useful to allow trade requests too - kind of like a "GTS" subforum.

So here's some Q's...

  • Is this section a good idea?
  • If so, should we relax the team rules, e.g. allow teams without stats/EVs?
  • Should we include battle or trade requests? Or just team questions?
  • Anything else?

One more thing: team questions already asked will get moved over to the new section. I think I can make it so no one loses any points, but there's a possibility some people will lose a bunch of points.

PS thanks for the replies so far! I think battle request threads will be out but trade threads allowed. Any ideas for names? Maybe "Battle Subway" or "GTS"?

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i think stats items and roles should be necessary and we should have moveset questions put there. i would love this section!
battle frontier.
Points don't matter, but will the Moveset answers be transferred to the new section?
Moveset questions are gonna stay on the regular Pokebase. Although they are related to teams and competitive battling, they still count as regular questions that are useful for everyone, and they are all nice and comfortable at their current URLs :)

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Finally we get a new section, Although I personally think that points should still be included in the team part.

Alot of people still answer out of the goodness of your heart, and normally it feels great when you answer a huge team question and you're like,

Yeah! I totally just beasted up that question!

But I think alot of users wouldn't answer the team questions as much considering they won't get the points from upvotes,

Alot of users would be able to spam, or just give horrible advice like,


Charizard - Use more STAB! Overheat and Fire blast over Air Slash and Dragon Pulse for sure!

Blastoise - Surf!? Hydro Cannon FTW! But besides that he's good!

Venusaur -Solarbeam is stronger than Giga Drain, and add poison powder over Toxic

Pidgeot - No no no.. Use Air Slash Ariel Ace Fly and Protect

Raticate - Whoa, Bad set bro. use Thunder Blizzard Swords Dance and Protect

Dragonite - I like Rain dance, but the other moves shood be, Fire blast Flamethrower and D-P

These would show up frequently,

So I think there should be a seperate section for Team questions, but I think you should keep points in these areas, just maybe minimize them,


Upvoted - +5
Downvoted - -5
Asking - 0
Answering - +2
Selecting Best Answer - +2
Receiving Best Answer - +10

That would kind of cut users just posting teams all the time and never asking any real questions, while still letting them benefit and get that feeling of accomplishment after answering and getting voted up.

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I'm good with this. As for battle and trade requests, I say leave it on the chat.

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I think it would be a good idea, and I think there should be trade, but not battle requests as well. It feels intrusive to try and ask people if try can trade something, and if you keep asking new people that enter, the. The other tend to get annoyed by it. Fair trade offers would be fine dice a simple tag could make for easy searching on request, and also open up people to set up trade shops. As for the team questions, I think just giving details as to why you chose that pokemon and the moveset will be sufficient. If you have an odd EV spread, then you can make note of that; otherwise you could assume it's a standard spread.

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This will be an excellent idea. I agree with Ike about requesting chat times. I think we should still keep the rules that are Roles, Items and Moveset since that is not hard to put on. Trade requests will be nice but Battles are not necessary.

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That's a great idea, and it would definitely help organize everything a little better.
When you are making the separate section, I have a suggestion, where when entering the information to start a RMT section, add sections or some type of format to keep everyone informed so that they know what to put down.
A lot of team suggestion questions on the Pokebase got voted down because people don't know that they have to put down EVs, natures, items, roles, or any other kind of information needed!

There should be a format for people to follow, so everyone can help them out instead of being neglected and not being able to get an answer.

• As for allowing users not to include EVs and such, I believe you should at least still get them to put down a role, or an explanation to what that Pokemon does on their team.

• And as for trade requests and such, to keep it organized, I think there should be some type of button to mark the question if it is a RMT or a Trade Request.

I hope this section gets made! :D

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Everyone else has kind of taken my answers, but I'll add mine in to show my support.

I think this is a great idea. With all the team questions coming in and such, this section would be a nice addition to the site. With all the new users coming in though, I have one suggestion. Perhaps upon clicking to go to the team section, have a rules page concerning all the rules about asking team questions, trade requests, etc. I think users are more likely to read the rules if they are put in front of the rules themselves, and not have to go out of their way to click on a link.

Oh, and about the being looser with the team questions, I agree with Sam, that there should be at least a role if they don't know about EVs. I think Sweepers, Walls, and Support, and all the other types of competitive roles are easy enough to understand.

Also, I agree that we should also have moveset questions put there, as movesets and teams go together.

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I agree with DT.Some eople are rarely on the chat.through requess you can find out when they WILL be on chat.

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I think its a good idea but i have a suggestion...

Instead of TRADE request in the RMT area instead Request the pokemon needed
If you are unable to obtain it...

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  • Yes.
  • Yes, relax them, new user have no idea what EVs are, and many people don't understand them.
  • Leave trading in chat.
  • No...
    This site is PERFECT!
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I agree with EJ about the points and the rules you have to have at least half the team and all the roles if no evs.

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