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I think this sounds fun. And why I asked this was because shiny METAgross, it is gray-like and has meta in its name.
Scyther and Scizor as a duo sounds fun for Pokebase Q&A.
Yeah that's all folks.

EDIT: This may seen dumb, but maybe the site could use it.


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I have thought about this before: I was thinking Scizor for RMT, Bulbasaur/Scyther for Pokebase, and one of the Porygon line/Magnemite line for the Meta. I don't see this as a priority or a must have, though :P
Hmm, Maybe I should retag this into extreme-minor-suggestion ;P
No, obviously the best mascot for the Meta section would be Metapod. RMT would probably be sandy cloak Wormadam because that's what every team there consists of.
Good one, sumwun. But I still believe they should match the colors :|
Sandy cloak Wormadam is orange enough, right?
Shiny Metagross matches Meta. I don't use RMT but I think I could come up with a good number of jokes for what orange Pokemon would go well with it. Hey, didn't the Scizor used to be a Scyther but it evolved when the site got a new format a few years ago?
@Hellfire Taco,  nah. Pokemaster said he will get around too it (in 2013/2014). Wait..... It is now 2018! I think Pokemaster forgot it kindof.

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Here’s my personal suggestion for each banner

Q&A - Scizor (because it’s Pokémon database’s mascot, and Q&A is the most used community.)

RMT - Incineroar (because he reflects the fiery compassion of RMT, and nobody uses him, just like nobody uses RMT.)

Meta - Metagross (Not only does it have Meta in it’s name, it also is a steel type, which fits with the color scheme and mood of RMT. Also, he’s gray, just like the color of Meta’s banner.

Chat (?) - Idk if this counts as a forum but if so, Chatot because it has Chat in the name and is known for chatting a lot. I also think that Chatot really needs more love as it’s generally outclassed by other Normal/Flying types like Staraptor, and I thought seeing it as a mascot for Chat would be nice.

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How does Drapion match RMT if Drapion is purple and RMT is orange? Even if you were going for complementary colors you'd be wrong because yellow is whats opposite to purple on the color wheel, not orange. Unless you're talking about shiny Drapion? Please explain...
Also, Drapion is one of my favorites too.
Nah, Ho-Oh could fit more for RMT, coz it is Uber and also has a good color scheme for it.
I use Incineroar in almost all my teams. Lol *HeartBroken*