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By this, I mean a small button or arrow which, when clicked, brings you to the top of the page. Quiet a few reading based sites have this, and since ours is essentially..well, is a database, it makes a little sense.

Of course, not all pages on the actual Pokebase section are long enough to warrant this but making it Universal for the sake of RMT and Meta could be helpful. I think it would mainly apply to the actual pages, such as the Dex pages or the breeding chart, things like that.

Just a little thing, not exactly ground-breaking or ultra important, but I thought I'd mention it anyway

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Press the Home button on your keyboard. Or on mobile you can usually tap the top of the screen.

As far as l'm aware, tapping the top of the screen on mobile only works on Apple products, it does not work for Android.
That resets/refreshes the page, which is often slow, compared to a simple button that scrolls for you.. Plus not all keyboards have them (I don't myself). Neither does my phone.
What kind of computer do you have? There is always an equivalent, maybe under the "Fn" button. On Mac it's Cmd+Up arrow.
Is it above the arrow keys with the Insert, Page Up, Delete, End, and Page Down button?