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We all have our issues with the Internet - and we all make mistakes. There have been a few times where I have accedently backed out of a page, or when the browser crashes while typing a looooong Q/A. So I suggest this: we get a way to save our half-done Q/As to the site. So if we have an Internet issue, and we have a save button clicked, we can hopefully restore most of the info.

like yur answer got deleted while trying to answer my que?I like the idea so i upvotte!But i am sure this question has been asked before
Yeah, that incident and a couple of other times was actually what inspirated me to write this XD Still, I do recall something similar... ish.
Well, if you use Google Chrome it basically never crashes, and if you accidentally back out of a page while answering, you can just go forward to it and your answer is still there. However, I would still like to be able to save answers to questions on the site (especially the RMT), that would be awesome. Not sure how much strain it would put on the site though if everyone had half-done answers saved on questions... maybe they could delete themselves after a couple of days? Anyway, I like this, +1.
I am for this idea, and this could turn out to be useful!

But I remember someone responding to the same request as this saying that if you want to save a question, just enter information in the answer, and submit it, hide it, and edit it. Unhide it when you are finished.
Well this is is something I really need and I will be(Or used)Outraged

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just post the answer and continue to edit. Just put something like "finishing now" so people know you arnt done.

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Guess this will do for the time being.
Good idea
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Most people don't like unfinished answers so this should help you:

Hope I helped you.

Yeah, thanks, but, I wanted to physically save stuff to the site. It would be an awesome addition.