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While this is a minor suggestion, I’d like to ask if the ‘Favourite Pokémon’ section in each profile could be return-friendly just like the ‘About Me’ section in our profile.
What I mean by the term “return-friendly” is that you’re able to skip to another line or return/enter to start something new. This would open up for players to talk about why they enjoy certain Pokémon (it is true that people typically put this in their ‘About Me’ section if truly desired) or put in entries such as ‘Favourite Legendary’, ‘Favourite Pseudo-Legendary’, or ‘Favourite Semi-Pseudo-Legendary’.
While it’s still a minor suggestion, I’d still like it to be a thing. Thanks.

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+1 bothered me too.
Return isn't that good. If the section became boomburst friendly, then I might appreciate it more.

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