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As we approach the release of Black & White, we're getting a lot of team questions, many of which are low quality IMO.

Things like "what pokemon should I add to my team" or "advice for my team". Some of them aren't too bad but many are just 4-6 pokemon and asking for help.

Do others think these are fine?
Should we add a rule saying you must post movesets for team questions?
Anything else?

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I for one think we should wait until a month after Black/White are realeased. By then, I expect most of us who gt it to have beaten the Elite 4 by then. We'll then be able to answer well based on our own experiences. As for competitive ones, allow them, but have the people distinguish whether or not the team is ingame or competitive. Also, make them include six Pokemon and movesets for all of them. Dont make us do all of the work! It also allows us to see what role they ae wanting their Pokemon to fit.

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I think every question must be titled "How Can I improve my team (Generation here)"
It should include 6 Pokemon,Movesets,EVs,Held Items,Nature,Role.
Each one of these will help the person answering to know what to change and what not. e.g. Dragonite has two roles,Sweeper and supporter,for supporter you need different moveset,EVs,Nature,Items than the ones you need on a Sweeper Dragonite,and there are Physical Dragonites and Special ones,with each having the different things I enlisted.

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Good suggestions. Then there is the "in-game team" stuff too...
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I hope its ok to answer even though the games have been released now :S. There may be some of those low qual questions still going around, plus to save running into this prob in the future. IMO I think if someone's serious about building a good team in the first place they'd knuckle down and do some research. No matter what version they're playing or how far they are in it.. Rather than expecting other people to answer all the hard questions for them. Pokemaster has set up this site very well for doing these sorts of things. Shxatoap makes a good point about having a rule of "How can I improve my team" instead. Like Shx said, making the person asking to answer some standard questions first would serve well for hopefully filtering out this problem :).

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