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I use a extension in Google Chrome that lets me use RSS things on websites. It has a small icon at the top of the screen and it says how many new RSS things there are. With the Pokebase it often says there are new ones when there aren't. It's not a massive problem but it would be good if it was fixed. The one for news on this website is fine.

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What's an rss
I lol'd so hard.
@pokemaster that was so cool
Here is one I made: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=pokemon+database also was it made by google?

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I think it is because sometimes the titles are edited, so the feed changes and thinks there is a new page when it's an edited page.

It's unfortunate in some ways that Google is very fast at picking up RSS feeds. I have noticed some of our questions getting into Google only an hour or so after being posted!

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