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For pokemaster to answer, but feel free to answer too!

I have realised that a lot of people including me have fallen into a problem about which tag to use. Sometimes you just dont have a tag to put and are forced to use a random tag.

I think either you should be allowed to make tags like the meta on both pokebase and battle subway, or are allowed to have no tags at all. You can always put all required info on the description anyway. And why six tags ONLY?

eg: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/88077/what-is-crasher-wake-doing - has the tag lucario. so...

I hope you get the point. >.<

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Tags are easy to figure out. If there is a certain game you are playing like blackk or white type Black-White.... if you are talking about a certain pokemon for example Staraptor just do Staraptor xD
Uh... you CAN make tags on Pokebase. Just need 600 points.
Isn't it 500?
its 500, but i have a lot less crap (points) than you.

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  • Tags can be made after obtaining a certain number of points on the section.
  • Pokemaster, Editors, Moderators, and Experts have "retagging" powers, which can easily fix questions that have random tags
  • Tags are used to search questions here. Using tags helps users search up topics to avoid duplicate questions from being asked on Pokebase. Having no tags will make more duplicates happen.
  • There's no point in having more than 6 tags, because you can usually sum up your question in 3-4 tags anyway. If you make an Smogon OU RMT, tags could be: Smogon, OU, team, suggestions.
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or i-hate-when-will-o-wisp-misses-4-times-in-a-row -______________-