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I'm seeing Pokemaster editing some moveset Q's with Pokecheck sprites, replacing the Pokecheck ones with DB ones. Reason?

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Pokecheck is down I believe.
Yep; it is.
It's back up now.

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I removed them because Pokecheck was down and it was causing massive slowdown on many questions, and preventing the editor from working properly. I also removed some artwork pics on moveset answers because they are meant to be sprites only.

It seems to be back up now so crisis averted for now. I would prefer if people used PokemonDb sprites though, to prevent it happening again. Plus we are sucking a lot of their bandwidth. I will add a button to the editor when I get chance.

While I'm here, the same goes for Bulbapedia pictures too, because they block hotlinking. If you open an image from BP and link it here it will show for you because you already "downloaded" it. But for everyone one else it shows up blank. If it's the official artwork, use our pokedex for it, otherwise upload the image to imgur.com.

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