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We were mods far before the start of time and will be long after the end of all things.


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In all seriousness though, yes all mods were once ordinary registered users.
Some months into the creation of the Q&A part of the site (by my estimates, about five months) Pokemaster upgraded three users to the rank of editor, who had the ability to hide questions and answers (among other things, but this was our main purpose). These users were DarkTyphlosion, Swampert, and myself. Some time after Will was also made into an editor. I would say a year after that (it might have been after the SoulHeart dilemna, but that might be wrong) Pokemaster created a new rank, the rank of Moderator. All Editors were made into moderators. The main difference was our ability to ban users, which is why I believe this came after the whole deal with SoulHeart. Fairly recently, Pokemaster also promoted two new users to moderator, Speed Freak and PokemonBlack10. He also demoted Swampert to editor due to inactivity.