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Would it be possible to have a spot on the user page where the old name goes automatically when the name changes to the new one? It would be greatly appreciated because so many people are changing their names and I am losing track.

If the previous suggestion cannot be done, can a little information bar be added to the user page for the user to input all of his/her previous names?

Thank you for reading this even if neither of the suggestions can be used.

I put B3N on my favorites when he was Swaggron, and I checked my faves one day and was like What? Since when is someone called B3N on my faves list?!

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They can just put it in their about me section like Mew did most choose not to though

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I did that too, i used to be sniperkingdra
can nothing be done?
its just pointless as pokemaster has said basically the same thing i said above
Yeah it's too much work to make it add old names automatically. You can keep an eye on the username thread if name changes confuse you that much.