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Unfinished Answers.

This is really annoying.

" I'll finish later even though I have one Pokemon done lolz "


" I'll finish tomorrow after school! "

These annoy most users. Pokemaster, may we flag unfinished answers? May Editors hide them?

If you guys are answering / asking an RMT, don't put " I'll finish later " at the end. If you really cannot finish, just copy it into a document or something, but don't waste others' time with suggestions for 2/6 of a team.

Umm, why does it add a question mark?
Its really not that big of a problem. Its not like you have to read it, you dont even have to acknowledge it.
It adds a question mark because things are meant to be questions. A lot of people on Pokebase were asking questions without them, so I made it add them automatically. Probably not necessary for Meta or RMT.
Honestly, I don't see a big deal. An unfinished answer is an unfinished answer. You should probably just flag it if the answerer has not completed the answer after a while. And making it a rule won't help either - people are just going to do it anyway.
Josh forces me to not post unfinished answers .-.

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Well my opinion on this is that

Hold on, got to do something. I'll finish this later.

Nice one, but seriously, do you have a legit answer?
My answer to this is it doesn't really matter. They'll finish on their own time.
And it isn't hurting anyone. The only problem you stated is that it is annoying to some users. And to others it is not annoying.
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Trachy strikes again!

I'll fini...

I'll finish my finishing later later.
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I agree with trachy's answer :D

Seriously though... I think it's fine to flag them if they have not done much. But it's fine if people don't write everything out for a team, e.g. just do a couple of Pokemon. Maybe they don't have suggestions for the rest.