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Here's an example:
Ah, what a nice day, I'll post a question against the rules on the Pokemon Database to piss off the mods!
Hmm, let me type this.. "what is a good moveset for imfernape?"
There done! Now I will ask the question!
Then this comes up:
See? So actually block these type of questions so users cannot post them

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If the site detects the question is against the rules whilst being typed, it will display a red dialog box underneath the text box. If 'What is a good moveset for Infernape?' is typed, then it will explain how these questions are already asked.

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I know, BonSAI* asked the ninjask question. I tried too. It showed the message and he still went ahead.
Yeah, maybe there should be way to make it more prompt. If it detects it is against the rules and doesn't allow it to get past, the site might make a mistake and disallow a harmless question. Otherwise, I would have suggested that. So, in that view, I am for this suggestion, if we can aviod the odds.
Also, if I recall correctly, BonsAi*'s question wasn't 100% against the rules.