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Pm system
How many times has this been suggested, i dont know but i have an idea similar to Pokemon Onlines where you right click on a name and then have options such as Pm or flag profile.
(flagging profile ill get onto later)
This would be great for giving out details and having a mature and private chat.

Similar to facebook, a little bubble pop up next to a name of someone is typing.
A coulor change in name could also work.

Flagging Profile
A private ban report in a way.
If someone is swearing in chat or spamming you can right click then have the option to flag, you can right a small description and make a complaint.
It should also give you the option to screenshot the chat at that time so you dont have to go to trouble to upload it to imigur and that.
Mods should be alerted every time a profile is flagged similar to when a post is flagged.
Just means theres no big deal in making a fuss on the ban report.

Kicking for editors
Well explained in the title really.

Expert team Kicking
2 users of any criteria over 500 points can right click and choose to kick, this process isnt completed untill an Expert agrees and then can kick.
An expert needs 2 votes before the boot button appears.

Auto Kicking
A manual kick bot kicking people for reasons such as Racist words or for saying the very bad swear words.

Editors up should have this ability, just to stop arguments.
It is just a way of a quik warning instead of kicking.

When arriving in chat
Now this is intresting.
Users with 3000 points + have 20 seconds after arriving in chat before they are indicated as offfline.
This means they can arrive in a chat and decide if they wish to stay or not without seeming rude, i know i do this allot when entering a chat of new users.
This can only work once evey 5 mins though to prevent stalking.

This would be good, the ability to challenge someone in chat to a game of chess or checkes, which pops up in a box.
You can decline and block any requests but it would be great when you have a chat where no one is talkin as you have run out of stuff to talk about.

Ok i know we have one but only a selected few words are censored, there are many racial words and swear words that are not censored, when they should.
Im not suggesting banning every swear you can think of only the bad ones.

Ok im not sure how many suggestions are here but there is allot and i ralize there is some that may have been suggested before but tell me what you think.
I realize also allot of these will not be taken into account but some of the small ones like the chat box when typing suggestion would make chat just that bit better.

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Oh yeah Games <3
Love it!
Great ideas!:][:
OK, I'm going to butt in with my opinion here:
PM System - Sounds good.
Typing - Very handy, I would like this ;)
Flagging Profile - The more idiot free, the better.
Kicking For Editors - Fair enough.
Expert Team Kicking - Pretty fair as well.
Auto Kicking - I'm not sure if it should kick you if you say just ONE swear word. It should take a few before you are kicking, but I like this idea.
Muting - I'd like to modify this. If there's someone insulting someone, the person recieving insults can mute that person of THEIR page, as the insulter might be having a coversation with someone else.
When Arriving In Chat - Not 100% for this, this may attract stalkers.
Games - Sounds OK, but there will be a lot of work for Pokemaster. Don't forget how much effort he puts into things already.
Censor - They are not all already censored? I'm shocked. Fix now.
Hell and Damn aren't censored because they aren't really swear words.
I suggest mute-bot instead of kick-bot.
I was worried because the way he put it made it look like the BAD ones weren't already censored. Thanks.

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OK I'll reply to them all:

Pm system

Yes been suggested a million times and may get added in the future.


Nice idea, I will see if I can add this efficiently. Doing that would add more overhead (because as soon as you type it would need to send a note to the server saying that user is typing).

Flagging Profile

This would probably be done with the kicking system, i.e. if many users vote to kick a user then they get kicked.

Kicking for editors

Yep will probably add this soon.

Expert team Kicking

See above.

Auto Kicking

This gets censored (I added the n-word to the censor list).


They can just give them a warning by posting it.

When arriving in chat

Meh, don't think this is really necessary.


Too much effort for me to do, and probably wouldn't be used that much. You can find online games like that on many sites, why not just ask people if they want to challenge you there?


Let me know which words are not currently censored and I will consider censoring them. You can post a comment below then hide it if you like.
Note that I'm not gonna censor mild words like damn or hell.

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Is queef censored? :3