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KIDSWAGG was banned, but he was on chat 30 seconds ago. Was he unbanned or is this a flaw?

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This has been reported before (banned users using chat, not just KiddSwagg!). Pokemaster said he'd fixed it, but to report if you saw it again. >

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Like the comment there says, It has been reported before. Banned users are using the chat not just KiddSwagg but also any other banned users. and please report if anyone sees it again. Plus, don't worry because banned users can't do anything on the chat.

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Why would we report if we see it again? It is simply a mistake tha will be fixed sooner or later.
Well if we report we can fix things... Maybe? But it's okay if you don't agree...
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Banned users can see chat, they just can't do anything on it, this is most-likely what you saw. However, when he made his dupe to see whether he was perm banned or not, he might have had his dupe named Kiddswagg at first, which would also explain what you saw.

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