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When someone is trying to do a RMT question it takes them for ever i am right in saying?
So i was think how about an RMT template it could look a little bit like this:

(Name) @ (Item)

Trait: (Ability)

EV's: (EVs)

(Something) Nature (+ (Stat), - (Stat)

  • Move 1
  • Move 2
  • Move 3
  • Move 4

Of course it doesn't have to look exactly like this but i for one get really bored typing out an RMT question and i am sure other people do aswell.
Thanks in Advance

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Most people just import teams
I suggested this a while back.
Why the down vote?
META Downvotes work differently. When someone doesn't like the idea, he downvotes.
I'm gonna up vote this. I have quit on like, 5 teams that could have been good, but I didn't have the time to type it.

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Mainly answering here to take the question off the unanswered list ;)

But nice job, we can leave this question here, should be easily finable by searching for "RMT template" or "Battle Subway template" or something.

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