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                                                           **How Do You Centralize Text?**

Whenever I try to manually do so with spaces, it the text becomes red. As you can see above, for example.

***This question also applies to pictures. Using the same way as said before, the picture simply doesn't appear.

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Wait, that text shows up as red for you? It should be green.

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Do you mean this?


You do it by <h1> Insert whatever here </h1>.

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Yeah man exactly like that. Upvote dat too.
But you can't centralize bold and italics. Or images..
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Bold, you do this: text text But only with no spaces between the star and the word
Italics, you do: text text But with no spaces between the star and the word
Pictures, click the little image icon, which is the landscape and put in the URL.
They are all on the top bar. Click one and it will do it for you.

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If you want more, comment.
Thankx. And Pics?