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The 'dex just stops at Meloetta on #299. The Genesect event has been released, so why is his entry still not up?

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I wasn't aware Genesect was actually in the "local dex" but if he is then I'll add him :)

Update: yes he is and has now been added to the dex.

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Awesome.  My question was answered by none other than Pokemaster himself.  That's awesome.
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Genesect was only released only a couple days ago. Also, the Admin of the site (Pokemaster) has something called a life and can't be here all the time, and probably doesn't have the time to add it right now.

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A...life?? Never heard of that. Maybe a should check Bulbapedia.
Is it some kind of Pokemon?
Trolololol xD
...Life, huh? Never heard of that thing before. xD
You just said the same thing as Devil's Advocate, and this is clogging up the Meta =-=