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It says: ''Your question will be checked and approved shortly'', and then nothing happens!

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That's how our approval system works. Basically, if you haven't received a certain amount of points, you will have to have your post checked by the site editors/mods to ensure it isn't spam and that it doesn't break a rule. I believe the number you need to get past is 24, and since you start with 20, simply receiving a vote (worth 10 points) will bump you over and you won't need to have your posts checked.

So in case you haven't already figured it out, that means your post will be there waiting until we get around to approving it. We aren't always around, so it may take some time but we'll definitely get to it eventually! It usually won't take any longer than an hour or two for one of us to see to see it, you'll just need a little patience.

I've approved your post, so yeah. If you have any questions about how all of this stuff works, leave a comment.

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Thanks, I get it now.
No problem! Converted that to a comment since it's more appropriate there :)