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Hey, I'm new. :D

I wanted to give a suggestion on the Type Coverage page.
Would it be possible that there be an option to set the Generation to limit the Pokemon it would count?

For example, set it to Gen 4, for it to not include the Gen 5 Pokemon, along with the new forms in Gen 5 (Such as the new typed Rotom forms). Or maybe, be able to set it to Gen 3, and disregard any Pokemon from later generations.

The reason for this is to be able to find Coverage moves that could have been better in previous Generations, but not necessarily in the current one.

For example, a Fighting/Flying Move combo in Gen 5 would be resisted by 6 Pokemon, while in Gen 3 it would only be resisted by Zapdos.

I have presented my case, and was wondering if this suggestion is good, and if it is possible. (I'm new here and still learning the ropes, but I hope I get responses.)

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The type coverage checker currently says fighting and ghost are neutrally effective on Clefable in Gen 5. This suggestion can hopefully fix that.

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Hi, welcome to the site! :)

That is a good suggestion but you can kind of do that anyway. All the Pokemon are listed in order by their national Pokedex number so for the first 3 generations you can just read until you get to a gen 4 Pokemon.

Hello and thanks :D

Well, would there be a way to provide the new number counts for the No Effect, Not very effective, normal effectiveness, and super effective? You know, without me individually counting?