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I really want todo that.

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What do you mean by "charter"?

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I can be way moar clear. First, when you answer you see a little picture frame at the top, am I right? Well your going to click that soon. Here is steps:

  1. Open your animated image in a page where its just a white background and your animated picture is in the top left corner.
  2. Copy the address of the page where the image is. For example, pokemondb.net is an address of the site's homepage.
  3. After you click the picture frame looking-icon on the top of your answer, there will be a textbox that lets you paste your image into it, and thats exactly what you do. Note: You must be editing or answering the question, not looking at it when its posted.
  4. Your animated sprite will appear after you press the ok button!
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Go to an animated sprite website such as here!

NVM, go to pokemondb.net/sprites. Right click on the animated, click 'copy image url', then go back to your text box, hit control-G, then paste with control-v.

Alternatively, click on the animated sprite and select markdown for pokebase. Copy that and paste it into your text box.

Like this:

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You click the little picture button on the top and type in the numbers and letters and etc. in the correct order amd it should show up.

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