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Like: What would you rate Black 2 out of Ten (With explaination)?

Answer layout:

Platinum @NDS
Rating: 9.5/10
Black is a really hood game because it is awesome...

^Just an example^

And if you guys agree, can i post these question?

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No, because it won't benefit AT ALL. It's totally opinionated and might cause fights with the more easily provoked users here.
This is what IGN, Metacritic, Gamerankings, etc. are for.
Well now, calm down, these kinds of things are called "reviews" and are supposed to give your opinion on the game; they aren't meant to cause fights.
I think its a good idea, and it will be a nice way for people to decide if they should buy a game based on the reviews given, and what the negative and positive things are in the game.
And who says game reviews should only be on main game sites Ivan?
thank you SSSS. I was thinking this would help people decide what game to buy, and plan a team as well. I want to Buy Black 2 but I have no idea how good it is, and just to tell you all, i will NOT be posting any of these until i am told i can.

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Asking this wouldn't be of any importance if you bought the game already. Even if you didn't, you can just check Games stores online for their ratings. Quite simple.

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