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I have a dupe:
I was having guilt for the past 2 months why i created an account just for earning points.I am really sorry PM for doing this.Please delete it and please you alone answer PM.I dont want anyone to leave any comments or answers another than PM.

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I feel like you should stay. You've become an amazing and solid active member of the site and deserve to stay. Besides, you didn't MEGA up-vote yourself, and it's not that many points.
It waz u? Me and Ben had suspicious about that's account. We thought it waz steelix. And it's 220 points, bug whoop.
*Ben and I, big whoop.
I never suspected him to have a dupe because he's generally a great user.

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220 points. Big deal. You can always remove them xD

The mods probably already knew. Plus, not all those votes were probably towards you.

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It cant be 220.It might be around 140 or 150.Anyways,i am sorry
Nope it's 220.