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17 Experts(Soon to be 19)? Wtf?

We should fix this. It doesn't look organized, and tbh makes our ranking system look awful. To do so, I suggest Experts being picked by Mods.

...but, that doesn't really change the fact that we have 16, does it? Anyways, the users without the bullets are not active anymore. I suggest removing experts off of them.

The bolded users can just get promoted, they deserve it. We all know they do, and it would be nice to have some people to approve / reject. (I admit, all of us have gotten lazy w/ this.)

I believe the non-bolded users with bullets should stay Experts. Some of them just got a taste of it, and relieving them of it would be slightly heart-less :\

(Thanks Star) I believe 6000 should still offer something, so how about a title of "Experienced" or something. It gives you nothing, but it does say you have worked hard.

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If the Mods / Editors want to add anything, feel free.
I agree with this and disagree with this because yes 16(soon 19) Experts is a bit to much but why not add a new rank? All above have earned the Expert rank so why not a new rank inbetween Expert and Editor. (I don't have a good name so don't ask nor to I have any idea of privileges and what not xP)
Lol maybe Experienced -> Expert -> Editor or something. idk :\
I quite like this. You get 6000 and get some cool title or something...and when the Mods / Pokemaster thinks you're ready they will give you Expert to show, which would have more or less the same powers and privileges.
Instead of automatically becoming Expert, how about you get a custom title at 6000? Or maybe you can choose from a drop down list of options?

Possibly Expert should require a higher score, or mod/ editor pick + the score requirement.
Custom Title

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Why does it matter? As has been said over and over, Expert is just a little title now, as once you get to 6000 points you are able to edit stuff. Expert adds nothing. So it's just convention that everyone over 6000 gets given Expert. Taking it away from people who are not active will do nothing.

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hmm..well..if you get the ability to edit stuff at 6000 and happen expert at the same time, why not instead make it that you get the ability to edit stuff when you hit expert? That way you can deal with problems like this much easier.