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ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ well i dont know how Derp Pika and Mew figured it out or even typed it i just copy and pasted there line. (Thanks Starpower)

You see that box looking thing? You copy + paste that and back space til there is just this one box that says [hf] and then post, and there is a space (Derp Pika)

who flagged? xD
I already reported this....
Just tested it; it's not allowing me to do it currently.
Basically a hidden space I think.
Also... I was the first to figure it out. U know how iPads can make those little smily faces? Well chat lets me type one and post it, but then it will appear blank.

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OK I looked into this and blocking every single space character and invisible character is practically impossible. So screw it, regular spaces are blocked but that's it.

Note that posting "blank" messages over and over is still spamming so you will get kicked if you do it all the time.

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I've been kicking a lot for it.