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Most of my questions are gone I don't know why...

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Hi. Name's trachy. I'm an editor on the site. My job is to hide repeat questions, bad questions, and also questions with four down votes. Your questions must have fit one of these requirements and I hid them. Or they were hidden by DT, Swampert, or Pokemaster.

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Well mine was a question about rating my reshiram and It didn't break any rules
That was the same as the question "What is a good moveset for Reshiram?" just worded differently.
Cranidos1up we already have moveset questions for EVERY pokemon, so if you want to know a good moveset, read those questions! :)
Some of the questions I've been posting I get that they don't make sense. But it doesn't say on the site that you can't ask "rate my strategy" questions! My questions are also ones that have not been asked yet, so why are you guys hiding them?
I don't know Alex, I don't hide "Rate my Strategy" questions unless they have -4 votes. And I doubt you had any with -4 votes. I'd ask DT, seeing as Pokemaster hasn't been on today.