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The title says it all. So my questions are just really not submitting, no matter what. 2 of my main questions were if Shadow Pokemon would be a good edition, and if Mystery and Light type would be good new types. I asked them like 3 times, and they were never posted. Just why do my questions just disappear?

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They didn't disappear, they've simply been rejected in moderation by editors and moderators. I've already left a post on your wall explaining why they have been taken down.

Sorry, but PokeBase is unlike a traditional forum in that posts need to have an actual answer. Therefore, opinionated questions like those you've asked recently aren't allowed, and are better suited to a standard forum unlike this Q&A.
Thanks for your understanding :)

For example, if I were to explain why I thought Light would be a good type, who's to say that this is the correct answer? Somebody could say that it wouldn't, and their point would be equally valid. That's the problem with these posts in the Q&A platform. There is no correct answer to them.

If it interests you at all, you can discuss questions like these in the site's chat room.

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