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I have noticed that some people choose BA almost instantly after the first answer. It would be good to have a time span of around 1/2 an hour to answer before the asker is enabled to select the best answer.
For Example:



LTBL's answer has been immediately chosen as Best (even though its not) because its the first answer. Ninja, me and well, Starpower's answer is wrong...have all been huddled into the unwashed masses of deserving BA's!

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I was already planning this actually. And I would set it to several hours, not minutes.

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Doesn't several hours sound a bit too long? People will then answer building on from the first answer and adding unessential stuff on...I think 2 hour max and 1/2 hour min should be the time span. But good to know that you are already working on this!
Nah, 7 hours is good. Im glad he's doing that.
As long as it benefits the DB, I don't care :)