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I am using Google Chrome. I have not asked any in three hours+, And other people can post all they want... - CoolSammichHero

  1. Dr.Shavargo Pt.3
  2. Frosty Froslass (Firefox)
  3. Lucario's Power (Google Chrome)
  4. Da Bomb118 (Internet Explorer)
  5. Mizuki_500 (Tablet broswer)

All of these users say they are unable to ask questions. Reportedly they are able to type the question but nothing happens when they click the button to post it. I am using Internet Explorer and I have no trouble posting questions. CSH and LP have tried what you said to do PM and both said it didn't help at all. - Sent_By_Ravens

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Can you explain what you do?
I type my description in 1 sentence, type further description, choose tags, then click Ask the Question button.
And what happens afterward?
I have tried excluding all steps in order, then different tags, different wording EVERYTHING!
What happens afterward?
Nothing... No loading bar, no hourglass, the only thing that happens is that the ask the question button animates like i clicked it.
Try clearing your browser's cache.

"Try clearing your browser cache, that often fixes problems. For Chrome you go to Settings > Show advanced settings > Clear browsing data. Tick "Empty the cache" and leave the others unticked, and clear it." ~ Pokemaster
I will try thanks.
Pokemaster DID say something about tweaking some stuff around... this may be something due to that...
Nothing is working.
Well, i wish he could un-tweak it...
Same happen to me.... D:
me too :( I'm using Google Chrome.
Error Error Cannot Ask a Question. (I'm using Internet Explorer)
what happens now ?

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OK this should be fixed now!
The recent minor upgrade broke on of my existing plugins that only showed for new users.

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Nothing happens Pokemaster, the question can be written but there isn't any button that uploads it and confirms the question.Isn't there a way that you can fix it ?
yeah nothing happens....
Can this get fixed?
Do you mean the button "Ask the Question" is not there below the boxes?
I was wrong, i meant that when i press the button there's no thing that shows load or something like that.I did what you said, but there is no button that confirms the question.