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I was thinking this would be a good idea. Does anyone else agree?

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This would encourage spam upvoting for points. It used to be like this, but it caused problems.
I want to know why you downvoted this. I want to know your opinion compared to mine.
Oh i guess this makes sense
If we do it, people will constantly upvote things for points, aka point grubbing. This has been suggested many times and rejected every time. It's just not going to happen.
Ah well i guess it would be abused it was worth a shot though :(
Just look at this: 15,595 questions, 32,207 answers,see what I mean.

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It was removed before, we used to have it.

It was removed to prevent spam upvoting.

This also goes on the suggestion thread.

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We don't need everything on the suggestion thread, that was only for the most important requests.