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Okay, Pokemaster's gonna hate me for suggesting a near-impossible idea, but. WHO CARES?

So, I was thinking that we could make an online game where you start out on a journey, like any other Pokemon game, but it's multiplayer. You could choose a region (most people might pick Hoenn, as it's the only game which hasn't been used more than once), and you can battle other users and wild Pokemon, like usual. You venture through the region, battling Gym Leaders. From the start, you could choose a design as a shirt and which color, or a dress, or something, maybe make a design, and have Secret Bases. Name your Pokemon, and, I guess Pokemaster could add things to the region. How about it, guys?

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 that would be awesome
Oh my gosh. YESSS! That sounds amazing
Tho would be cool but I should imagine it would be extremely hard to make and it strays from the Q&A theme of the site.
You know what's better a showdown-like server jk, though this would be hard to make
How could this be downvoted? >:( It's such a good idea! Although, yeah, I suppose it kind of does stray from the QA thing...
Go download Pokemon MMO(look it up on google) its exactly what you just described and its staged in Kanto. You play with other online players
Pokemaster has a lot of answer on his  improvement question for the Pokebase. So i don't think a game is one of his priorities.

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This isn't going to happen. It wouldn't be too hard to make but it would take a lot of time and I have other things I want to do. Also, these type of games regularly get shut down by Nintendo so I don't really want to risk that.

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Ok, that's what I thought. It would be cool if it was able to happen, though, wouldn't it?