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So to anyone who doesn't know what a war story is, I will explain it. Say I have a great battle with JamesBlob, and he wins (We'll just say it was a very close 2-0, and there was no clear winner most of the battle) but it was still a great battle with lots of prediction and strategy. The battle was really close and I think it could help other battlers by showing them the strategies used, my thoughts during each turn, and overall just making it interesting and helpful to readers. This is a war story, smogon has them and they are very interesting and often helpful. We would post them on the Battle Subway, and all War Stories would be tagged "War-Story". War stories are beneficial to readers because it gives them information on things such as how to predict switches and enemy moves by reading what the author did, and also different strategies that both sides used. To keep the quality of this section at a maximum we could:

  • A user may only post a War Story once every 1 or 2 weeks.
  • The criteria for posting a war story would not be too controlled, laid back enough that any user could post one, but strict enough that they are on topic and at least interesting to read, if not informative,
  • An increased character limit
  • No moving sprites or large pictures to keep lag at a minimum
  • No voting on answers to a War Story, anyone giving feedback can comment and if the author has to answer to finish due to character limit those should not be voted on either, only the original post.
  • You should only vote on a story if you think it is really good, and you got something out f it.
  • Posting a story about how you 6-0'd somebody with Shell Smash Cloyster, or won by phazing with a Riolu would not be acceptable.

Also something Humor makes a war story great. Try add humor when ever possible.

@ Pokemaster
Okay this is Blob. I am not sure how often you visit the rmt but me and Jcm posted a war story each last week. They both went down very well and the users want to see more as a good war story is very interesting. They have allot to do with the rmt I guess as its not only a different way to get feedback on your team but a good battle can also teach allot to the not as good.

I have talked about this with other users and everyone so far has agreed that this would be a welcome addition to the site and I ask that you consider allowing these to be posted. Thanks for reading!

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got my vote
I cant actually upvote but consider this one!! Plus War-stories can help lots of people with strategies!! Boring ones should be hid if deemed boring by enough people via downvote flag ect and this can be really good!! Please consider this!! "cries cos cant upvote while continuously pressing the button"
Lez Gou weeth dis eyedia manz!
i think this is a good idea that if people use correctly could be a valuable tool especially for mentors to train apprentices.
This would be so epic :)
This should be a comment
I LOVED reading JamesBlob's Warstory and in hindsight probably should've copied it because I enjoyed reading it so much. I actually learned a fair amount about prediction switching and was able to incorporate that into my battles in OU and Ubers. This is a great idea and I would love it if it flies.
Dude ==' I suggested this, you thread stealer...
Also, edit out that moving sprites thing, if you put normal sprites it works fine ==' Also, I read one of the best warstories on Smogon, and it involved Riolu so.........
No need to down vote Jcm. He knew you posted it but pm never really responded to that thread after several bumps. This was a updated version seen as two war stories had already been posted with a pretty good response. Also fyi he wasn't suggesting don't use images just not animated as 100 moving at the same time causes lag. ;) As for Riolu well I guess he meant trolling with really cheap techniques. Despite whether the best war story you had read was abusing Riolu or not its kinda nooby. :D
>.> Or is it? xD No, I know it's nooby, but still, go on Smogon, and type in the search bar ''Riolu be shuffling''
phazing with a riolu.... XD Is Roar + Copycat?

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Pretty sure someone suggested this before, and I said it would be fine when we get a regular forum. In the mean time I don't want another thread clogging up Meta, sorry.

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It would go in the battle subway section. But apart from that not to be a pest but when will the forum be done.
It will be done when it's done. I think a lot of people want to discuss X&Y among other things, so I'll try and get it done soon!
Ok thanks for the quick reply! I knew somebody had suggested this before but I didn't know what you said and I couldn't find it.