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trachy recently made [this][1] post requesting [fondant][2] to be promoted to editor.
>"I come on today and see stuff that was asked 13 hours ago."

I experience this almost every day. I go to check the admin page at 6:00 British time and there are many posts waiting to be approved, some over 10 hours old which is ridicules. Just today there were 14 waiting to be approved with the oldest being 10 hours.

trachy has now left the site due to personal reasons and I myself will be very inactive over the next 6 months, especially over the christmas holiday thanks to family, lots of art coursework and mock exams over the next couple of weeks. I have more mock exams in March before the final exams in June time leaving me with very little amount of spare time to sort through the 20+ answers I approve/reject every day, some have been waiting for far to many hours.

I myself have also been experiencing difficulties when approving, rejecting and hiding answer to do with the topic of x and y because I don't own the game nor have any intentions in buying it. I don't know whats right and whats not and often leave questions for others to make the final judgment on.

SentByRavens is currently absent leaving myself and Hex as the only currently active users online around British time ready to approve posts. fondant is a very well deserving user verging on 20,000 points (which is more than any other editor par fizz) while also being one of, if not the most active user on the site. While I'm approving all these posts, fondant is online answering questions like no tomorrow. I don't think anyone would argue fondant is deserving of the spot nor would I think any editors/mods would disagree with adding an extra editor to make up for the extreme imbalance of time zones with almost all mods/editors being inactive or American.

I'm posting this as opposed to bumping the other post based on 3 points.
1.the last post got little attention (no comments from yourself)
2.its not just that fondant deserves it but the fact we desperately need more help with Admin and fondant is easily most active Pokebase user especially at British time when needed most.
3.deserving more than anyone of any position
[1]: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/39956/promote-fondant-to-editor
[2]: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/user/fondant

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I would really like to be myself an editor to contribute to the site more than I actually do, but I guess that the Lebanese timezone is not what you are researching, plus I am not as active as Indi, Valet or Fondant. And I lack a LOT of points. lol, I can still dream, though :D
So, going to promote Valet ? I think he deserves it, liken fondant and Oncoming $torm.
fondant while you may be slightly more inactive than usual, the fact still remains that you are one of the most active users on the site.
I have no idea how to say this so I'll just say it,
Jojo is a great person, really knowledgeable, and has spent a lot of time on the site. So are many other people. I should think he should at least be a 1 year user before being promoted. If it were truly a matter of desperately needing another Editor and fondant wasn't available then I'd say go for it. But as is we have fondant despite her taking some time for tests, so my opinion is that Jojo can wait three months or so before becoming an Editor.
Rundown: Fondant = Editor, Jojo = Editor only after fondant and only if desperately necessary.

Also, Jojo = Valet = Aeternis
I have nothing against the guy, I just think he should be a 1 year user. That's just my opinion.
I don't really think the situation is such that " we desperately need more help with Admin." We just got Will back as a regular in our ranks as an editor (who will be promoted back to Moderator) too, I'm here nearly every day, and that's with everyone else like Pokenubz and Mewderator (both of whom I see here regularly) too.

"SentByRavens is currently absent leaving myself and Hex as the only currently active users online around British time ready to approve posts. "

Also, It's nothing personal against any of the people nominated, but I think this would go by smoother if we only brought up when the site was being messy and informed the people already in action that may have missed it and if we do need more people, just say we need more people rather than posting nominations and creating conflicts of interest.

I understand that this is because of the time zone issue, but I still think the problem is being overblown a bit.
Wow, important stuff hidden in the dunes of time, this promotion has been waiting for about a year now.
I think this promotion should happen though, just posted to bring it back in view.

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