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So I have this battle that I saved on Amethyst and it's great, it was a close 1-0 with good prediction and strategy. But then I remember on one post someone said to wait until the forum, but that's not up yet, so I'm wondering, are we allowed to post warstories or no?

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Nah not our battle @MrK :P
Sounds an awful lot like ours ;P
In any case I look forward to reading it at some point in the future.
I'm pretty sure PM said when the forums were up we could post them. I myself have a few stories to share.
But the thing is the forums have been in making for a year now D=
I remember I had a good battle with Flame but Showdown ruined it D;

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People will not be helping with this as PM doesn't run the site through Git, the code is all on his computer. Also the site is his baby.

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So he named his baby Pokemon DB Net?
So that means Pokemaster's last name is Net?
Pokemaster Net?
Thanks. But that still doesn't answers q. If we're allowed to post war stories?