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Why are you considering to make a forum?

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I'm just having a bit of trouble as to why you're making a forum.

We have a chat room, where we can talk about any topic, really. If you want to talk to someone directly, you can use their wall.

You can always use the multiple chat room suggestion that many people have suggested.

If those three things are on the database, what's the point of making a forum?
I'm just curious, I'm not making a sort of strike. xD

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Why not?
It's a place to offer trades, for one thing. people get annoyed when they have to wait an hour for someone to get on chat to trade.
Because there are many things the site does not allow currently but would fit in well with a forum.
Yeah... what sort of things? o_o @Fizz
I can understand the Wi-Fi stuff, but anything else?
Things like the DB Webzine, trades, discussions, and other things that I am forgetting. Also, he isn't thinking about the forum; he has already started it.

But yeah it is another great addition to the site that could provide us with features that a Q/A site usually would not include.
RMT is also a lot better with forums. Teams tend not to have answers but rather comments.
Fair enough. Thanx. :3
Plus the db server will be up.

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A few reasons:

  • A forum allows many people to discuss things when they are not all online at the same time.
  • This is especially useful for things like trades because you can post first and don't have to be on when someone else sees your trade request. Then you can agree to meet on chat later.
  • Chat is short, a forum is better for longer discussions.
  • Things are sorted into different threads, whereas in the chat many people are often talking about different things all at once.
  • The chat disappears after a few minutes, forums stay online permanently so you can refer back to earlier in the discussion if you like.
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