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I always try to answer a prohibited question in the comments before it gets hid, since it is helping the person, and they know(hopefully) not to do it again. But I've seen that nearly everyone who flags, simply flag and comment about the perpetration, and leave.
I've also seen multiple people say that it is a waste of time... How is it a waste if someone, somewhere, is getting something useful out of it ?!?
I'm sure that if this was real life, people wouldn't be this way, but why have people become so Percy Weasley-esque about rules?

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I tend to do this also. You don't really get frowned upon, really...
Because there really is no point xP
If the question is going to be hidden the the asker most likely won't see the answer before it is hidden. Pokemaster has said himself that he doesn't want people to answer questions that will be hidden as well.
Quite often you can ask questions that are against the rules in chat for a satisfactory response. In fact, most questions that are hidden on the PokeBase are hidden because they are for chat in the first place (that or it is a duplicate question, and in that case you can just link the question to them).
Well if the person has email notification, shouldn't they still get it? Also, I now plan to post the would-be answer on their wall as a precaution.
idk. I've never used the email notification.
What is this madness?!?!?!

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Answering rule breaking questions encourages people to ask more. Don't do it.

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Ok then. I'll just stick to posting on their walls.