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Can you perhaps give Editors the ability to give a member temporary editor powers (I think that only is hiding really, except if it is a registered user who is getting the benefit.) I just really hate coming back from a vacation and having all these horrible questions and answers, so many that I am unable to go back and hide a majority of them. I need a regular member to cover for me, I think PB10 would be a good temporary replacement editor.

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PB10 really would be great editor. Pernament, perhaps
I like pie and maybe let experts delete stuff
Pokemaster said he wouldnt make anymore editors for a while, bu PB10 has been over 10,000 pts for a while now, and I thing its about time he/she got some kind of editor promotion...
PB10 well deserves to be an Expert/Editor
Just for temporary times when I am gone.
I think that Will and I will become the next editors due to massive point lead with darth after and pb an expert.
SF, you do notice I passed DD point wise(no offence DD)
Oh..... but dd has been around longer

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It won't be too long until people get upgraded automatically based on points.

There will be an update coming very soon, and then the above will come a few weeks later (in June sometime).

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