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Whenever I hit the username "PROTOMAN.EXE", it starts a download on my computer....

And when it doesn't, and I click on his questions, it starts a download.

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My computer never did that. Strange...
What browser? I'm guessing Internet Explorer is being stupid as usual ;)
Not this time. Im using IE9.
This is because .exe is a type of file. When the thing is a ling, your comp. thinks its a download link. When it downloads, you will find that it downloaded blank data packets.
I'm using Chrome.
Lol. I wondered if that would happen when i first saw his name. xD

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I checked in several browsers and the page loads fine. It could be caused by a virus scanner or something else on your computer that thinks everything ending is ".exe" is an application. Even though it's clearly just a web page.

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