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well, there's a little thing i stumbled over. not really anything to worry about, but i just wanted to say it so you all know. gliscurr is an expert, but for me it keeps saying "registered user"
here is a screenshoot

also, le scarves profile says "-16" points for mew

thats it. i just wanted to say it so you was aware. thanks

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For Le Scraf, look closely: Mewderator edited it like the Gave Out section, and Answers Section.
As for the personal information, Favorite artist is Justin Bieber, Song is Baby and Le Scraf is noted as a Female person.
Troll ?
Sure, this is a troll.
st00pid m00derator :3

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Gliscurr/Whatson is a Registered User. Due to his long ban, he will get back Expert when the mods think he deserves it. But for now, he's no Expert.

As for Le Scarf's -16 points, I believe Mew edited that.

Hope I helped. :)

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Ah ok (filler)
I'm confused if he's no longer an expert how come he still has his editing powers? I thought being able to edit was one of the privileges of being an expert?
When you have 6,000 points+, you can only edit on the Pokebase. (Unless you've reached the Expert limit on other categories, in that case you can edit on them as well)
When you get the Expert status, you can edit anywhere.