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Something like this:

even put an P, M, B. (Pokebase, Meta Battle subway.)

losing & gaining points

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That is a silly idea and many people will get annoyed at the constant spam of notifications every time a message is asked; that is also what the Unanswered tab is for.

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I put your 2 suggestions together since they were similar.

In a future version of Pokebase we will have a notification when people reply to you (i.e. answer your questions).

I don't think I will add an alert for when any question gets asked. You can just go to the Questions tab for that.

Same for points, it really doesn't matter when you gain a few points here and there, I think it will be annoying for people and make them take too much notice of points.

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How long will it be until this "Future" Pokebase?
Um, probably a few months :)