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This may be a stupid question
But I honestly think it's unnecessary

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Tbh downvoting should be removed from questions on rmt (not answers) People get random downvoted on teams that may not be good but are 100x better than some teams getting 1-2 votes
A stolen team, a team that makes no sense...

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A quote from PM, long ago:

Only downvote on RMT if the Question or Answer is REALLY bad, some teams might not be that great but still do not deserve a downvote.

A: A stolen team
B: A plainly awful team
C: Completely invalid sets (WonderTomb)

A: Awful suggestions
B: Little suggestions
C: Irrelevant to the post.

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so you are saying that is good enough to NOT recieve a downvote
It's not bad.....Not worthy of an upvote, but not bad..
yeah I know its not upvote worthy but not downvote worthy
Someone downvoted maybe because the RMT is messy?
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Down-votes are more for the answers not the questions. Like so would you really BA a bad rate? It's show one good rate from a bad one.

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