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In the RMT section, we have some users who don't know their exact EVs, and really have no clue what role to call the pokemon. Example: Calling a Swift Swim Kingdra ( With Rain support ) and all attacking moves a wall.

What should we do about this?

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Maybe some sort of way to educate them. Maybe "an Introduction to Roles and EVs" seminar XD
maybe put roles with the EVs section
I think users should at the absolute minimum, should include the stats of EVs they invested.
If they are completely unsure about that, they could at least note some type of ideal investment in EVs.

If, like you said, they don't know their Pokemon's exact roles, we could always help them out by commenting to try and figure out that users function, or strategy with that Pokemon.
We flag them, and then comment about the fact that they need to have EVs or roles. If they do this incorrectly or do not know about these things, then they should post the actual stats of the Pokemon. This is mostly a problem for ingame use and Wi-Fi battling after all.
Sorry, Pokemaster changed the title to a totally different question.

I was asking about people who put roles without EVs, that make no sense at all.

Eg. Kingdra w/ Swift Swim and Rain support being a wall.

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Sorry if I edited the question to not be what you wanted ;)

If there are no EVs/roles then comment (and maybe flag) and give the user a little time to add them in. Same goes for other missing info as well. I will add a notice to try and make it clearer that they need all this information.

If they put "wrong" EVs/roles like your Kingdra example, then your answer should have it as a suggestion, i.e. "Don't make Swift Swin Kingdra a Wall, do XYZ instead".

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