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The answer question block gets glitchy like this: -----post answer
Please help.

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Do you click it more than once??
They need approved.
I think I know what he is referring to. Sometimes if you click the answer button too many times ti will lag and these black dots appear beside it, and it can take a while to load on occasion. This happens to me too so I don't think it is the need of approval.
Please take a screenshot to show the problem. Instructions here if not sure: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/13578/how-to-add-a-screenshot-to-a-question-answer
One click sets the dots off but i have access to multiple computers but that was my main....

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In the area where the comment and flag button is there is another answer button that should work.

-Source: Personal expiriance.

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Thank you!
You're welcome.  ^_^