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Im answering questions in PokeBase but i want to have a picture of the pokemon. For example i answered a question for a Crobat moveset and i wanted the Black and white Sprite for Crobat i cant connect. Anyone else???


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Same for me (Google Chrome). What browser are you using?
The link up there isn't working on Safari either.
After asking a few others I think it's safe to say that the sprites are down for everyone.
Im using google Chrome
well,maybe you just can copy the image url then,paste on the "image <img> Ctrl+G" button (the icon is above the answering or asking board.

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Thanks for letting me know. I've fixed the problem.

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thank you PM
I'm still having the problem, I can't see the code for the sprite
You just have to keep trying. It happens to me, and I keep trying. After like 3 tries it works.