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People are giving answers when the questions don't actually need them.
For example:
In this question Mew has given a very good answer. It has been there for over 25 minutes.
There are now two new answers that say the same thing Mew has. I don't have anything against their answers, it's just that they are not needed.
This is something I've seen quite a bit. Obviously there are some questions that it's ok to answer again like moveset questions or "which pokemon is better?" questions but more and more frequently questions are getting answers that are not needed.

I just wanted to bring this to the attention to the Mods and the rest of the Database.

IF you're answer does not add any relevant information to the question, or an answer that is already there, than do NOT post it.
IF you're answer only adds a little detail to the answer already there, then just comment on the current answer with the information.

Thank you.

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You used my question!
Did I? Lol I guess so. It was the latest one Id seen so thats probably why.
Oh okay.
We not free to post what we like? xDD Bare in mind it's appropriate...

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Actually the other two people answered at the same time, but their posts needed approval. So when the post is approved it shows up as now, even though it was posted 25 minutes ago.

And it says in the rules, it doesn't matter if multiple people post in the space of a few hours anyway.

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Ok then, thx Pokemaster. I wasn't specifically talking about that question, but it does explain a lot of what I've been seeing