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I caught my Budew at level 2

It has fainted only once since i've had it.

It is now level 23

I always kept it's life at yellow or higher, giving it potions and berries all the time.

Half the time i've had it it has leveled up in the day time.

If you have any idea at all what could be wrong with it please help, it will be GREATLY apprectiated.


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Nothing is wrong. It takes a while for happiness to accumulate. Give it the Soothe Bell, which increases happiness. If you caught it in a Luxury Ball, even better, since Luxury Balls increase happiness.
Take your time. My Budew evolved at Level 35. Don't worry.

Thanks, it is holding Soothe Bell.

I had a Budew, before I deleted my save file, that was level like 50  or something.

Thanks, it angers me sometimes when they don't evolve since it doesn't learn more attacks.